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Jundokan Goju-ryu Karate-do Federation of India has now emerged as the leading Karate organisation not only in the state of Himachal Pradesh but also in the northern part of India. We have a well established democratic and nonpolitical setup which is the backbone of any healthy organisation. Along with sports activities, we pay special attention to the traditional aspect of the art of karate-do and understand that this art has not evolved as a mere sport activities by its pioneers. Although the sport aspect of Karate can never be under-estimated and it has its merits in overall development of the art of Karate.

The organisation was formally established in the year 1999 by Sensei Surender Kumar Thakur. But the timeline of the Karate-do in Himachal Pradesh goes back to year 1981, when the first dojo was started at Shimla by him as a black belt instructor. In his leadership, Himachal emerged as a stronghold of Karate in northern India whereas prior to this Karate was mainly concentrated in southern states like Maharastra and Tamilnadu, and that too in metropolitan cities. Some of the milestones in the history of Karate in HP are enumerated as under.

An overview of emergence of Karate-do in Himachal Pradesh....

2nd April 1981 - The Academy of Martial Arts is born and Karate classes were started for th first time in HP at Shimla.

First batch of black belts with Sensei S.K. Thakur
and Sensei (Late) Sunder Lal Negi

14th Sept 1986 - The Academy produced its first batch of Black Belts. Four karatekas were awarded the 1st Dan Black Belt.

24th June 1989 - The second batch of 12 Black Belts passed out from Academy.

5th Sept. 1989 - Sensei Surender Kumar Thakur was awarded San Dan by Okinawan Goju-Ryu and Go-Dan by AIKF (All India Karate-do Federation). Other senior students were awarded the Nidan.

1990-92 AIKF Tournaments - Miss Chandra Negi was national champion among women participants for three consecutive years. Many others also represented the State in Nationals organised by AIKF and now the state was having a respectable place in sports Karate nationwide as well.

1991 - Sensei S. K. Thakur visited Okinawa and Tokyo to attend the World Karate Championships along with his ten students. There they also attended the International Gashhaku Camp arranged by IOGKF Japan.

1993 – In February 1993, Sensei S. K. Thakur visited South Africa to participate in World Masters Training Camp which was attended from martial artists from allover the world. In December, He participated in World Wushu Championship at Fuzao (China) and won gold medal in Kata category.

Senseis Laxmi Verma, Saunu Ram, Mahesh, S.K. Thakur, P.S
Draik, Yog Raj and Mahesh Chander at Khajjiar Camp 2006

1999 - Sensei S. K. Thakur founded Jundokan Goju-ryu Karate-do Federation of India aiming at conserving the true heritage of the art of Karate-do.

Jan 2000 - Senior students Mr. Yog Raj, Mr. Rajan Sood, Mr. Rajneesh Maniktala, Mahesh C. Sharma and Mr. D.P. Mian were awarded San-dan and were bestowed with the title of Sensei.

Aug 2005 - Year 2005 was the 25th year of Karate in Himachal Pradesh. JGKFI celebrated this as the Silver Jubilee Year. A north zone championship was also organised at Manali (Aug 13 to Aug 21, 2005). More than 100 participants and 500 guests took part in the function.

Karate training under Sarv Shiksha
Abhiyaan at Pangi (H.P.)

May 2006 to April 2008 - Full time Karate training was given to about 4000 girl strudents in 40 government run schools under Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan. More than 200 of them participated in 9 days long winter training camp at Kangra in January 2008.

August 2006 - 25th North Zone Gashhaku Camp was organised at Khajjiar, Distt. Chamba. The first one was organised in August 1982.

Jan 2007 - Sensei Yog Raj, Sensei Rajan Sood and Sensei Mahesh C. Sharma were awarded Go-Dan (5th Dan).

August 2010 - Celebrated the year 2010 as the 30th year of Karate-do in Himachal Pradesh. A three day celebration was organised on 13th-15th August 2010 in which about one thousand participants, parents and guests from all sects of society participated.

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